9 Easy Steps on How to Start Your Inflatable Spas

So, is it your first time to start your inflatable spa? Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. This article is all you need to solve every issue without complications. 

From what I learned, people feel a little bit overwhelmed or intimidated when it’s their first time to start their inflatable spas. Well, I wouldn’t blame them. It’s always weird starting a machine for the first time.

9 Easy Steps on How to Start Your Inflatable Spas

Let’s face it. You will hold a manual in your hand, looking for some inscriptions and trying not to go against the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure everything goes well.  you can read more about Inflatable Hot spa by clicking here.

It is not always as easy to follow a manufacturer’s guide as you think. It is better to get help from someone who has gone through the whole process and has known what works and what doesn’t. With this detailed guide, you will have adequate knowledge, which will help you start your inflatable spa-like a pro.

Are you ready for the adventure? Follow the 12 simple steps below and get ready for your first spa bath in no time.

Step 1: Rinse and Drain 

As a new inflatable spa owner, you have to get used to the constant cleaning that comes with owning an inflatable spa. Though this might be new to you since it’s your first time, don’t worry, you will get used to it as time goes on. 

Some manufacturers deliver inflatable spas with antifreeze to help protect the machine when exposed to freezing temperatures while bringing it to your house. The antifreeze substance also insulates the plumbing from potential damages. However, it is not something you should soak in.

To start with, fill the spa’s footwell with water. Mind you, the footwell is the bottom portion where you place your feet. After you might have added some water, run the pumps for some minutes and then drain. It will clear every antifreeze element out of your inflatable spa plumbing system if you can do this perfectly.

Step 2: Turn off all power 

I know you are very excited about the new experience waiting for you. But, for whatever reason, safety should be your top priority. Before you take any cleaning step, make sure you disconnect every power source to your inflatable spa to prevent any dangers.

Meanwhile, the instruction is ‘switching off all power,’ and you have to follow that to the letter. That means you will have to do more putting off the switch button. Ensure that you unplug your inflatable spa and turn off the circuit breaker to ensure the power is completely off. Remember, water and electricity do not mix, so take caution

Step 3: Clean the empty spa

It is not good to bathe in a dirty spa. Yes. And I know you would like to soak in a dirty inflatable spa. So, you have to keep your spa clean to have a nice bath. 

When you start your inflatable spa, make sure that all the surfaces through which water can come in contact with your inflatable spa are as clean as possible. It is best if you spray and wipe down the shell and the cover. 

You can use a non-abrasive cleaner and a sponge or soft cloth to clean the whole surface to protect the shell. Rinse thoroughly to keep your inflatable spa from foaming.

Step 4: Clean the filter

Your inflatable spa filter plays a vital role when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your water. The filter of your inflatable spa must always stay clean if you want to get the best hot water bath. So, how do you ensure that? It’s simple. Install the new filter cartridge into all the filter well. Note that not all inflatable spas have more than one. In this case, I will advise that you check your owner’s manual to be on the safer side. 

Step 5: Fill your inflatable spa

Whether you are filling your inflatable spa for your first time or not, I also advise you use a hose filter. Hose filters help remove any impurities from your water source, including high mineral levels (which can clog your system). 

Hose filters also prevent metal and mineral problems before they start, which can save you a lot of time and money.

Your owner’s manual may contain some specific instructions on where your water level should be. However, generally, you want the water level to be about an inch below the headrests while still being high enough to cover the jets fully.

Step 6: Prime the pump

Air in your inflatable spa’s lines can be the reason for many problems. To make sure air is entirely out of everything, you will have to prime the inflatable spa pump. This process differs depending on the producer and model, so consult the manufacturer’s guide before proceeding.

Some of the control panels come in a self-priming mode. In case your own is different, you may have to prime it manually using a bleeder valve.

Step 7: Add some start-up chemicals 

Now that you have cleaned and installed your filters, the water is fresh, and the pump primes, it’s finally time to add the start-up chemicals. Wait until your inflatable spa water reaches 80ºF before you add anything. The heat helps the chemicals dissolve and integrate into the water.

If you are not sure how to use chemicals on your inflatable spa, we have a few tips before you get started:

  • Figure out how much water your inflatable;e spa holds. You can usually find this in your owner’s manual. The amount of water inflatable spa determines how many chemicals you need.
  • Measure your chemicals accurately before pouring them into the inflatable spa. It will help keep the water chemistry balanced and will also save you from unnecessary expenses in the long run.
  • Makes sure you also keep the chemical measurements separate before pouring them into your spa. Mixing the chemicals outside the water can be very dangerous and less effective.
  • Necessary: Do not use pool chemicals in your spa. Chemicals explicitly made for inflatable spas are your best option.

Step 8: Run the Pump

Once you add the chemicals, run the pump for at least ten minutes at high speed. That will evenly distribute the chemicals in the water and will give you a more accurate test result.

Step 9: Test Your water

If you’re a new inflatable spa owner and you’re not sure how to test your spa water, don’t fret. It is not as complex.

You might have measured the chemicals, yet you always need to check to ensure the chemistry is correct. If your chemistry is wrong, it can damage the inflatable spa, irritate your skin, or allow nasty bacteria to invade your relaxation time.


Starting up inflatable spas for the first time does not have to be necessarily complicated. Although, it can if you have the proper knowledge on how to go about the whole thing. That’s why this guide leads you on and helps you get it done quickly in few minutes. Note that you need to set the temperature to your taste after you have filled it with water.