Top 5 Must-Have Features of an Inflatable Spa

If you are tired of visiting the gym every day for spa bath sessions, or you feel a little shy about uncovering yourself in the open, it’s time to take the plunge and put in on a spa. 

Perhaps you’ve started hunting for one online, but you are stuck at the crossroad. The overwhelming spa pool stories available flying around online about hydrotherapy spa ain’t helping either. To help you cut through the chase, we’ve put together five essential features any good spa must possess. 

You will not only get the best experience but also be sure of having safe, healthy, cost-effective, and long-lasting baths when your inflatable spa ticks all these boxes. 

1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

The number one feature on your list of must-haves should be energy efficiency. How energy efficient is that spa. Be sure to investigate the energy consumption rate of any hydrotherapy spa before making your decision to buy or not

There’s no doubt optimal heat retention will save you running costs. You need to look for a spa that can make that possible. A spa with a smart thermal configuration that automatically prevents unnecessary drops in temperature. 

Manufacturers nowadays have found a way to reduce “on-demand” heating. Thanks to the newly adopted perimeter insulation in the spa cabinet which allows the unit to recycle and retain heat from the pumps and the plumbing respectively. Better than the earlier “foam on shell” interior. 

Look for a spa with a smart power-saving system that’s capable of heat scheduling and filtering at the lowest power cost. The introduction of the smart meter today has made that more than possible. An extra advantage is the quiet operation of the spa with this system, giving you a more relaxed and calm spa experience. 

The running cost of a spa is a major pain point for most spa owners. A reason why a hybrid heat pump is now one of the essentials in a modern inflatable bath spa. A spa with hybrid heat pumps can save you up to 50% of normal running costs. This pump is capable of multiplying a single unit of energy into several units of heat. An added benefit is that a hybrid heat spa guarantees refreshing baths, irrespective of fluctuations in the ambient temperature. 

2. Uncompromised Quality and Durability

One mistake you should avoid when purchasing an inflatable spa is going for an appearance. Instead, check out what will give you peace of mind. 

When you buy a spa pool, you are not looking for a one-off spa experience. That’s when quality and durability come to play. A hydrotherapy spa is an investment and to be worth it, the quality of construction, the shell material, and several layers need your attention. 

For extra torsional strength and sturdiness, you may need to consider a spa with unibody construction, where the shell and the spa frame are singly bonded from a thermal bond process. 

A rigid Duraflex PVC plumbing is paramount, bearing jets with stainless steel spindles is also important. Both help gets rid of unnecessary pressure and lowers your maintenance cost. 

Your heating unit is another construction area to look into. It must come standard and protected by an anti-corrosive Teflon coating and must be properly housed in a standard stainless steel tubing. These are what will give you peace of mind, never trust a spa at first sight. Remember; Appearance deceives. 

3. Multi-Faceted Filtration System

The most spa comes with conventional filters which at best are capable of trapping particles that are as small as 50 microns. This is to ensure you have clean and clear water inside the spa. 

To get even more clearer and cleaner water, you will need a spa with multi-faceted water filtration. They are 10 times better than the conventional filters. These filters can trap water-borne particles as small as 5 microns. 

A multi-faceted water filtration comprises a UV sterilization chamber. In this chamber, 99% of microorganisms and bacteria are killed. It also features an ozone clarifying layer to optimize the safety and effectiveness of the filtration process. 

Whilst a multi-faceted water filtration will reduce your need for chemicals, an augmentation is never a bad idea to ensure you always get a super clean bath. 

4. Easy Care and Low Maintenance

You want to avoid any spa that gives you headaches and unnecessary stress. The dream of owning a spa revolves around pleasure and pamper. Outside this, you are buying yourself some trouble. A spa with easy care and maintenance should be your reality.

A core consideration here is to look for all features that make life easy before, during, and after the use of a spa. Make sure that your to-be spa comes with an intuitive controller, disposable filter, along an easy-to-clean thermoclad cabinet, these all that matters to you. Just ensure it garner your ideal mix of pampering perks. 

One last thing that can’t be overemphasized is the warranty. The kind of bold claim a manufacturer throw behind their products is another thing that could shape your decision. This could be enough a guarantee that you are investing wisely. Anything above a 10-year non-prorated structural warranty along with a 5-year jet warranty is a good sign you will get pampered for long. Don’t settle for anything less.

5. The Luxury and The Pampering

To get the best out of your swim spa, look for a brand with many good luxurious features such as multi-directional flow jets, therapy collars, ergonomic seats, soothing massage effects, and neck muscle support. 

If you are looking for a next-level spa experience, go for a spa with as much as the following; waterline illumination, adjustable flood, and jet lights, and backlit drink holders. 

Although you may get this from another source, a spa with a built-in dock for your iPod can let you stream music from any device, while you enjoy a soothing immersion. 

Top 5 Must-Have Features of an Inflatable Spa

Anything missing? 

If you think we miss out on any important feature of an inflatable spa, add it up. Don’t forget these are just the essentials. Want more, look for more. It’s your money for your pleasure. 

Whether your choice is a family-size, a solo compact hydrotherapy spa, or a great product that functions as both, the above features are more than enough to help you experience a trouble-free luxurious spa experience.